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EnergieKnip launched

On 11 January 2022, the EnergieKnip started. The EnergieKnip is a blockchain application with which residents of Emmen can earn points by answering questions about their home and energy use. Those points can then be redeemed at local hardware stores. Residents can receive energy saving boxes there against surrender of their points. The shopkeepers then get paid for the delivery of those boxes by the municipality.

Goal of the project

The project aims to make residents of the municipality of Emmen aware of their energy consumption. By giving residents energy saving boxes, the municipality of Emmen hopes that the energy consumption in the municipality will be lower.

More information

Go to the website of the EnergieKnip. You can find it on On the website you will find links with which you can install the app on your phone.

Role Blockchainlab Drenthe

The lab is the creator and developer of the application.