Blockchainlab Drenthe

Research and development


What is ‘Blockchainlab Drenthe’?

Blockchainlab Drenthe investigates technology and develops early version of applications. The lab is ‘open’: everyone can join, co-create and think along.


  • Dissiminate knowledge on blockchain technology and applications with presentations, courses, meetings and more.
  • Investigate the applicability and feasibility of blockchain technology for companies and governments.
  • Build a partner network to lower the barrier of entrance for everyone interested in blockchain technology.

Lab activities

We have regular meetings to exchange knowledge and experience. The meetings are held in and around Emmen, The Netherlands. We give presentations and we organise a monthly meetup on blockchain in Emmen. Meetup usually take place at Emmen IT.

Who’s in the lab?

Adri Wischmann


Innovation-expert, founder/CTO IoT Nederland.

Danny Dreves


CTO and co-founder WerkbaarBeter.

Jeroen Wester


Consultant, architect and developer Wieswies.