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Warning for scams

Through a relationship from the youth aid came the request for information material about scams with crypto investments and coins. We made a poster that lists the most common types of scams and how to recognize them. For more information see the page about scams.

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Presentation Dutch Blockchain Days

Blockchainlab Drenthe presents itself as one of the blockchain hubs in the Netherlands during the Dutch Blockchain Days. Other representatives of hubs during this presentation are: Jurre Machielsen of the Lisk Center in Utrecht, Emiel Westerhof of Twice in Eindhoven and Pieter Bonnema of the Brightland Smart Services Campus in Heerlen.

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GDPR and attendance lists

Let’s say you’re organizing a meeting where it’s required or desired for people to enter their name and possibly their own email address on an attendance list. As an organizer, you take that list with you after the meeting. For example, to send information to attendees afterwards. Nothing new you would say. Is this covered…

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